The Brand Squad leadership.

Experience. Curiosity. Creativity. An ongoing passion-you-might-call-obsession that keeps us up late at night to deliver success. Our leadership team brings it. And you get the benefits.

Jerry Ehrlich

CEO & Chief Creative Officer

With his red vintage Gibson guitar by his side, Jerry doesn’t follow a set beat. He sets his own rhythm. Not only as a garage…

Lynn Bugg


Having been face-to-face with bull elephants in the African savanna, Lynn isn’t daunted by much. She’s sharply focused. Highly skilled.

Arlene Goldner

Media Director

Talk about blazing new trails. As a long-distance runner and a crack integrated communications strategist, Arlene does it for fun.

Kate Newnham

Social Media Manager

Kate is passionate about a lot of things. Pepperoni pizza. Flipping tires on endurance runs. Secretly wishing she had a British accent.

Kim Gurley

Senior Design Director

Kim’s kind of quiet, but don’t let that fool you. She lets her talents speak for her. As a graphic designer and art director with two decades…

Bob Hetherington

Public Relations Director

Bob knows his business. Which is why he also knows his PR. Plus he’s got an MBA. Because he’s been on both sides of the desk.

Rosemary Earp

Accounting Manager

They say western legend Wyatt Earp was fast—and accurate. Rosemary isn’t kin of the sheriff, but she’s the quickest…