Why hire an army

when all you need is a squad?

Not your typical branding agency.

The Brand Squad’s mission is to successfully launch new brands, products and services as well as re-energize underperforming brands.

Our difference is simple.

We are a carefully chosen team…a Squad…unlike any other. Our 60+ collaborators, each with a minimum of 15 years of experience, represent the best minds in branding, creative, media, analytics and most of all, solving client challenges.

That means from day one, you have a full-time strategic partner ready to match your specific needs, with usually no learning curve or wasted time.

In short, we deploy the right team with the right talent to reach the right outcome.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s best companies:

What do we do?

In a word, everything.

Our Squad model allows us to be all things to all clients. We’re brand builders, strategic thinkers, planners and multicultural innovators. Writers, designers, digital denizens and event showmen. Publicity hounds, media mavens, data explorers and research geeks.